Make a difference in the life of a military family today!




Imagine what your family life would be like if one or both of your parents was on a year long deployment: missed birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, ball games, family events. Then imagine living with the fear that your deployed family member would return home injured, with Post Traumatic Stress, or simply changed from witnessing the events of war.

When our servicemen/women serve, the entire family serves.

  • Their spouses serve as single parents.
  • Their children live in fear and deal with adult issues.

At Eagle Rock Camp, we reconnect these families at therapeutic retreats that build healthy, resilient families. Interactive workshops and therapeutic recreation, teach life skills that break the cycle of what's going on at home, show them how to have fun as a family again and most importantly, start them on a solid pathway to healing.

Our Team witnesses miracles happen on a daily basis.

  • Family members reconnect - moms and dads "make go-go eyes" and remember why they fell in love in the first place!
  • Kids meet other kids "who get me". Who understand the life of a military kid.
  • Families develop a new sense of community and a support system.
  • Two Year Continuum of Care Program supports their success well into their futures.
  • Frowns turn upside down - everyone is smiling!
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